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Recreation fund

Recreation fund

The fast pace of life and the huge amount of work can cause a drop in productivity and damage to physical or mental health. Therefore, a very important part of life should be rest and recreation. In a healthy body – a healthy mind, as the saying goes. Research confirms that working people should ensure adequate quality of rest and remember to spend time with family and friends. The Kópur labor unions have a recreational fund which is an important element of labor unions activity. The recreational fund has a subsidy for renting summer houses to those, who have paid union contributions for 6 consecutive months in the last 24 months.

Kópur has access to summer houses all over Iceland and they can be rented by union members for the weekend or the week. If you want to rent a given house – the person who first submitted a request to book a given house is entitled to priority. When renting a cottage, remember that the tenant is fully responsible for the cottage. He cannot sublet the facility to anyone during the rental period and is fully responsible for any losses and damages caused by him or his accompanying persons. Each cottage has a certain number of beds, therefore it is forbidden to overnight more than the expected number of people. It is reminded that any deficiencies in the cottage or equipment should be immediately reported to the person managing the given facility.

The houses that are rented to the Kópur union members are fully equipped and of a high standard. Some of them have a jacuzzi (hot top). Please note that in winter you should carefully check the road condition (https://road.is/) and weather conditions (https://en.vedur.is/) before traveling to a given location.

House rental price list:

Rent per week: ISK 25,000

Weekend Rentals: ISK 17,000

There is a fee of ISK 3,500 for each day started