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Multilingual service

Multilangual service

Iceland is a multicultural and very open country, therefore immigrants from various countries constitute 14% of the population.

Due to this, it was obvious to create labor unions that would be run by Icelanders of foreign origin who were perfectly familiar with the nuances of Icelandic and immigrant mentality. Unfortunately, many foreigners working on the island, despite being specialists in their fields, do not speak the Icelandic language at the appropriate level to be able to successfully deal with legal and official matters. Cultural differences often stand in the way, which often leads to unnecessary misunderstandings.

All this means that in Kópur we have focused on a group of perfectly prepared in terms of resources and language, foreigners with Icelandic citizenship who have been on the island for many years, so that all the above-mentioned difficulties do not pose any problems for our team. Service for members at every stage and in every situation is carried out in one hundred percent in English, Polish or Icelandic, as needed.

We would like to remind you that the Kópur labor unions are for everyone. Our staff is fluent in Icelandic to be able to serve all those in need of help – regardless of language or nationality. We invite not only foreigners to contact us, but also Icelanders who believe that their rights have been violated at the workplace.

Feel free to contact us and register with the Kópur labor unions because together we can do more!