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Legal assistance

Legal assistance

Despite the fact that the Kópur labor unions are young, they guarantee professional, high-class legal assistance. Kópur has such opportunities because the unions have been organized around people who for many years have been involved in community services, helping foreigners living and working in Iceland. This activities resulted in long-term cooperation between Kópur and leading companies and legal institutions in Iceland.

Unfortunately, it happens that employers violate the rights of their employees regarding wages, working conditions or the quality of accommodation. It is difficult for an individual employee, who is in a foreign country, often with a language barrier to win with such an employer. An additional obstacle is the fact that people working in Iceland often do not have legal knowledge, and therefore do not have the knowledge necessary to be able to effectively seek their rights.

In situations where the matters are so far advanced that legal assistance is needed – Kópur guarantees its members top-class services in this area. Kópur’s lawyers are independent people, not bound by any agreements, boldly and stubbornly claiming the rights of our members.

We invite you to contact us, if you suspect that your or your friends’ employer breaks the law. Let’s not let our relatives be harmed, because together we can do more!