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Educational fund

Educational fund

The Kópur labor unions want to support their members as much as possible. It is known that one of the key issues on the career development path is education. Kópur will establish cooperation with many educational institutions in the country. Employees with higher qualifications can count on more responsible positions, as well as higher salaries. Raising one’s professional qualifications is especially important in the current uncertain situation on the labor market.

That is why the Kópur unions have established an educational fund, thanks to which various trainings and courses are co-financed. The educational fund will put the greatest emphasis on learning the Icelandic language. Our unions will endeavor to ensure that each member has access to Icelandic language courses as well as any other schools including Universities. We believe that anyone who is going to settle in Iceland or stay on the island for a long time should have an open path to learning the language. However, for those who plan to spend a short period of time in Iceland (up to 3 years), a professional and institutional translation service is implemented. Translations include interpreter support in workplaces, institutions related to the health care system and educational institutions.

The Kópur educational fund will also place great emphasis on the personal development of each member. We support our members in activities such as entrepreneurship by providing consulting services in the field of starting a business in Iceland. Nothing prevents you from reaping the benefits of being a member of our unions and running a business.

The financing covers:

– training and courses directly related to the profession or retraining to another profession,
– studies,
– general education to increase competences,
– language courses,
– driving license courses,
– machine and device operation courses,
– examination fees,
– IT courses,
– training as part of organizational and corporate development.

The education subsidy is ISK 130,000 once a year – this amount applies to 100% full-time employees, and for part-time workers the subsidy is granted proportionally. Payment never exceeds 75% of the tuition costs. The financial allowance is granted to persons who have paid union contributions for 6 consecutive months in the last 24 months and who have individually submitted a completed application for co-financing with a trade union bill.

The right to an education subsidy is available to people who changed jobs, but remained members of the Kópur labor unions, as well as those who lost their jobs for unforeseen reasons. For the latter, the right to subsidy is valid for 24 months after termination of employment. The right to co-financing applies to persons on parental leave and to the unemployed, if they pay membership fees while on such leave or unemployment.