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About Kópur

About Kópur

About us

Labor unions

Kópur labor unions, kt. 420 320-0780, were founded on December 19, 2019, mainly by Icelanders of Polish origin and Poles. The main reason for establishing unions was that workers who were not of Icelandic origin were often discriminated against and downplayed by their employers. These people naturally sought help in the available labor unions, but in many cases the effect of such help was far from the expected.

Although the Kópur labor unions were established mainly for people from outside Iceland, they are open to everyone. The study we conducted among the Icelandic community clearly shows that even the native inhabitants of the island are often dissatisfied with the standards of services provided by the labor unions that have existed for years.

Why Kópur

By people
for people

We managed to gather all the resources and opportunities largely thanks to the social activities and many years of business experience of the president of our unions as well as other board members who for many years have been helping people who were not treated properly by the current system. Thanks to this activity, we have acquired the knowledge, legal means and skills needed to build fully-fledged labor unions.

After years of experience with the tardiness of some institutions and experiencing human harm, we made a decision – we should act! Setting up a functioning labor union was not easy, but we managed to make this dream come true. Now our dream is to help people who feel wronged by their employers. We treat our members as our loved ones, because we know that only together can we make a difference, because together we can do more!