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New labor unions

Statement by President of Kópur on new labor unions.
Having lived in Iceland for many years, I had the opportunity to observe and encounter various issues and cases of unequal treatment of employees. That’s why I decided that this cannot continue! Together with family and friends, we founded the My Iceland association, but as an association, we couldn’t do much to protect the rights of all of us. It took a long time, but we managed to open the “Kópur” Labor Unions! Now we will finally be able to really defend the causes of all employees and other stakeholders.
We all work hard and are often abused and treated unfairly. I myself, when I started working in Iceland, was lucky to work on a farm for one of the largest farmers on the island and I owe him a lot – he welcomed me and obtained a work permit. However, after many years it turned out that he did not pay the Mandatory Pension Fund for me, and while it may seem like a minor oversight, it should not have happened!

We are all equal and we have the same rights on this island. The island is for everyone who lives and works here.

No more unequal treatment! Together we can do more!
Let’s stay together and fight for equal treatment!

With best regards and best regards,
Stanley Kowal,
President of the unions